Beulah Rucker Museum

The Beulah Rucker Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The mission of The Educational Foundation and Museum of Beulah Rucker Inc. is to memorialize the life of this phenomenal African-American woman through educational and civic activities that enhance the quality of community life.

The museum is dedicated to preserving African-American heritage and promoting awareness of the contributions and personal sacrifice of Ms. Beulah Rucker Oliver. This museum is the first to focus on African-American heritage in Gainesville-Hall County and north Georgia. The life’s work of Beulah Rucker Oliver will live on through her vision of equal education and opportunity and the sacrifices she made in the pursuit of this dream. Her former home and school provide a tangible link with the community’s past.

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Youth Mentorship

BEULAH RUCKER YOUTH MENTORING Our mission is to improve the lives of students in grades 3-12 (especially males) by providing nurturing relationships and community support which will enable them to make positive choices, achieve academic success and become productive, responsible students.

GENERATION INSPIRATION is a youth leadership society at Gainesville High School. Through the society, students participate in programs that allow them to take an active part in defining and achieving personal goals. The main focus of the institution is to instill in each student the drive to make the most of his or her limitless future.

Youth Mentorship

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Light a Torch

“I have had to sacrifice time both day and night to light a torch of instruction which I hope will cause the public to see the purpose of this much needed institution…”

~Beulah Rucker

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